How to swap ADAM to USDC

To swap ADAM to USDC, proceed to and follow the following steps below:


  • First , Select [Ragnarok Project P2E].

  • After selection, Select the input/output. It can be whether ION token to ADAM or game token to ION token.

  • Input the amount that you want to exchange.

  • Click on the [Swap] button.

  • After clicking on the [Swap] button, the swap confirmation popup will appear.

  • Input an acceptable rate of slippage tolerance (Recommend 3-10%). The output you get will be affected according to the slippage tolerance.

Slippage tolerance is a setting for the amount of price slippage you are willing to accept for a trade. By setting slippage tolerance, you are setting a minimum amount on how many tokens you will accept, in the event that the price increases or decreases.

  • Click on the [Confirm Swap] Button.

Upon clicking [Confirm Swap], a metamask notification will pop up for you to confirm the transaction

  • Click [Confirm] to complete the transaction. (Additional Gas fee applies)


To exchange ION to USDC, proceed to and connect your Metamask wallet.

  1. Select the input token.

  2. Key in the token amount

  3. Click on the [Mint] button

  1. A metamask notification will popup for you to confirm the transaction. Click on the [Confirm] Button to proceed. (Additional Gas fees applies)

  2. The tokens will appear in the game account bound metamask wallet. Users can send the tokens to their crypto exchange accounts to exchange them for fiat currency.

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