๐Ÿ›„Monster Drop

Monster Drop

In the game Ragnarok Landverse, the items you have a chance to receive after defeating a monster are categorized into three types:

1. Monster Loot Box

Monsters may drop a loot box containing random rewards when they are slayed, cards can still be obtained from monsters. The contents of loot boxes will be adjusted to drop items or inventory based on the monster.

2.Artifact Relic

Relics are rare and valuable tokens that you can obtain from monsters in various dungeons within the game. These tokens are essential for acquiring Dungeon Equipment, which is otherwise only available as drops from monsters within dungeon maps.

3.Monster Card

Monster cards are one of the options to improve your status and skills. You can insert them into equipment with an empty socket, and the effect of the card will automatically be applied to your character in the game.

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