๐Ÿ’ฑHow to purchase Moonstone

To purchase Moonstone, click on the Moonstone Button as indicated below.

  1. Click the [Connect Wallet] button to start.

  1. Select the top-up package that you want to purchase.

IMPORTANT: Click the [>] icon on the left if you are making your first Moonstone Purchase!

For first time Moonstone purchases, players must authenticate their approval for Moonstone purchases on the top-up page.

Follow the steps as indicated below:

  1. After clicking on any selected Moonstone Package, a popup with the [Allow to Use ION] button will appear.

  2. Select your game account server, ensure the game ID is correct and click on [Allow to Use ION].

  1. A Metamask popup notification will appear. Click on [Use default] and click [Next] button to close the metamask notification.

Once the authentication to use ION for payment transaction is completed, a popup will appear. Click [Ok] and you will be able to continue with your first Moonstone purchase!

  1. Ensure the correct server and User ID is selected.

  2. Click on the [Agree that the transactions are non-refundable] Checkbox.

  3. Click on [Confirm Top-up] to proceed.

  1. Click on the [Confirm] button to authenticate the transaction.

  1. Upon successful transaction, a popup will appear. Click [Ok] to continue.

  1. Moonstone purchased will be shown in the game account and automatically synced to players' in-game account. Purchased Moonstone will be available to all characters created the the game account.

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