How to mint NFT from Ragnarok your game account

In order to mint NFT into Ragnarok Landverse game account wallet, players must acquired the in-game VIP Coupon and have at least 100 cashpoints in their game account. and follow the steps below :

Start from in-game side

  • Go to Prontera 139 124 and talk to NPC "Cash Sales Guide" to enter the Kafra Shop

  • in Kafra Shop, Talk to NPC "Mint Helper" to mint the items. Minting Process will cost 100 Moonstone point per item. (Only Mineable item will show on the window)

  • Select the item that you want to mint, Click [Sell] to mint. The item will be moved from your character inventory to Landverse website's inventory.

  • From the Inventory page, choose the [game server].

  • From the Game Inventory section, click on the NFT to mint.

  • After selecting the NFT, a popup will appear. Click on [Mint NFTs] to begin.

  • Upon successful minting, a notification will appear. Click [OK] to close the notification.

  • the NFT in your wallet will appear on My NFT section

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