How to manage your Land NFTs

To manage your land, visit the land management page by using the navigation bar on the ROverse website

  1. Click the [Connect Wallet] button to begin

  2. Select the Metamask Wallet with the Land NFT(s).

  3. Click [Next] to proceed.

  1. Click [Connect].

  1. Click [Sign Wallet].

  2. Click [Sign] to authenticate.

  1. Select the land you would like to manage.

  2. Click the [Set Price] button.

  1. Key in the rental price.

  2. Click [Confirm Price].

  1. After setting the Rental Price, allow 15 minutes for newly set Rental Prices to be synced in-game.

  2. Toggle the [ON] switch to enable land rental.

  3. All Rental Fees collected from in-game will be displayed and can be claimed by clicking on [Claim] button.


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