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Land NFTs


In the Land of Midgard, there are a total of 123 lands with 100 lands offered for land ownership and 23 lands leased for public usage. Players will be able rent Public and/or Landlords' houses each time for a duration of 7 days.

Landlord Benefits

  • Able to build a house for rent on their Land NFT.
  • Able to get Land Owner Title (Allstats +3) Land Owner now can clam the "Land Owner I" through Land Manager
  • Able to rent their house to 1 player character and earn Adamantine Tokens. (Landlords will be able to upgrade their land to increase renter capacity in future patch)
  • Receive a complimentary bed in the rental house to increase Landlord's stamina.
  • Able to personalize their house with NPC NFTs.
  • Able to enter a house in their own land.
  • Can use all NPCs as a Renter too.

Renter Benefits​

  • If your character sleeps in a bed in the game, you will gain additional 300 stamina. This extra stamina can then be used to do more activities like mining or open monster loot boxes.
  • When you interact with these Landlords' NFTs, you can receive additional benefits or rewards.
  • You can instantly travel to any houses you're renting in the game by using a Roverse manual book. By using this book, you can quickly get to your rented properties without having to travel manually.

Instantly travel to any houses you're renting in the game

House NPC NFTs Available

NPC Tools Dealer

The NPC Tools Dealer will offer a wide range of items that can improve gameplay, such as colored gemstones, traps, arrows, boosters, and more.

Warp function

Teleport to the current field or map you're in. This could be useful for quickly getting out of crowded or dangerous areas.
Teleport directly to major cities. This can help you travel long distances quickly without needing to move through the intervening space manually.
Teleport back to the lastest map you were on before you teleported back to your house. So, for example, if you were exploring a dungeon, then teleported home, you could then teleport back to that same dungeon without having to travel to it again manually.

Chest Box

Store your unused items in the chest box provided in the house (Same as Kafra Storage).

Special Dinner Table Buffs

Eat foods and Gain special buffs in the house
Steamed Tongue Str+10 (30 Min) Dragon Breath Cocktail Int+10 (30 Min) Hwergelmir's Tonic Dex+10 (30 Min) Steamed Desert Scorpions Agi+10 (30 Min) Immortal Stew Vit+10 (30 Min) Cooked Nine Tail's Tails Luk+10 (30 Min) Increase Agi Lv.10 (4 Min) Blessing Lv.10 (4 Min)
These specific food buffs cannot be obtained from any other activities or campaigns within the Landverse.

Available house types