How to redeem NFT into your game account

  1. From Landverse Homepage, click on menu icon on the top left corner. Select [Inventory] in the Midgard Control Section.

  1. After clicking on [Inventory], you will be redirected to Landverse Inventory page. Login to the system first as the page require to login.

  1. After login and connect your wallet, you will see you NFT in the My NFT section. To redeem an NFT, just click on the NFT you would like to redeem.

  1. After Clicking on NFT, the popup will appear. Click on [Redeem NFTs] button to redeem it.

  1. After that the popup will appear to indicate the NFT redemption result. Click [OK] to close the popup.

  1. After few minutes of successfully redeem the NFT, the item should be shown in Universal Mailbox section. Click on the [item icon] to proceed sending the item into the game.

  1. Select [Server] & [Character] that you want to send the item to.

  1. After finish selecting both [Server] and [Character], click redeem to start sending the item to the game. The item will be sent to the game mailbox (RODEX)

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