๐Ÿ’ŽArtifact Relic Exchange System

Relic Exchange System Guide in Ragnarok Landverse


The Relic Exchange system in Ragnarok Landverse offers players an efficient way to trade their valuable Relics for Dungeon Equipment. This guide will walk you through the essentials of the system, ensuring you make the most out of your Relic acquisitions.

What are Relics?

Relics are rare and valuable tokens that you can obtain from monsters in various dungeons within the game. These tokens are essential for acquiring Dungeon Equipment, which is otherwise only available as drops from monsters within dungeon maps.

How to Obtain Relics

Relics can be obtained by defeating monsters within dungeons. Regardless of which monster drops the Relic, all Relics obtained from a specific dungeon floor will be of the same type. This means you can collect Relics from any monster within a dungeon and still receive the appropriate Relic for that particular dungeon level.


  • When you go to Payon Dungeon Level 1, you have a chance to obtain Payon Dungeon Relic I from any monster within Payon Dungeon Level 1.

  • When you go to Payon Dungeon Level 2, you have a chance to obtain Payon Dungeon Relic II from any monster within Payon Dungeon Level 2.

Monsters That Do Not Drop Relics: The following monsters are exceptions and do not drop Relics:

  • Hydra

  • Ant Egg

  • Blue Plant

  • Green Plant

  • Yellow Plant

  • White Plant

  • Shining Plant

  • Red Plant

  • Black Mushroom

  • Red Mushroom

  • Mini Bosses

  • MVP Monsters

  • Summon Monsters

Impact of Drop Rate Items

Items or equipment that increase the drop rate also affect the drop rate of Relics. Equipping items that boost your drop rate will improve your chances of obtaining Relics from dungeon monsters.

How to Use Relics

  1. Collect Relics: As you explore and conquer dungeons, you will gather Relics from your victories over dungeon monsters.

  2. Locate the NPC: At the entrance of every dungeon, there is a specific NPC dedicated to the Relic Exchange system. This NPC will facilitate the exchange of your Relics for Equipment.

  3. Exchange Relics for Equipment: Approach the NPC with your collected Relics. You can trade these Relics for various Equipment items, which are equivalent to those dropped by dungeon monsters.

Where to Find the Artifact Shop

The Artifact Shop is the NPC responsible for exchanging Relics for Dungeon Equipment. You can find relic exchange NPC at the entrance of each dungeon. Look for the Artifact Shop NPC whenever you are ready to exchange your collected Relics for valuable Equipment.

Important Notes

  • Loot Box Changes: Equipment items will no longer drop from regular Loot Boxes, except for Equipment Boxes. This change ensures that players rely more on the Relic Exchange system and Equipment Boxes for acquiring their desired gear.

  • Exclusive Items: The items obtained from Equipment Boxes (Field Equipment) will not overlap with the items available in the Relic Exchange. This provides a wider variety of equipment and prevents duplication.

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