๐Ÿ’ฐPlay and Earn

There are three ways to play and earn .

  1. NFT Marketplace This platform allow players to trade items which they have acquired in-game. A player can mint items and sell them on the platform to other players. The buy and sell cycle creates the economy for item trading which will be converted to USDC.

  2. โ€‹Mining System In the game, players can extract a special ore to obtain Adamantine fragments, which can be turned into Adamantine (ADAM) Tokens and traded for ION Tokens and converted into USDC. However, the process of mining consumes stamina points from the player's account which are limited daily.

  3. โ€‹Land NFT Investors Players who do not wish to actively participate in the game can still invest in Land NFTs, which can provide them with passive income on the 1st and 16th of every month when renters pay to rent the property with Adamantine Tokens. The income can be earned by converting the Adamantine Tokens into ION Tokens to be converted into USDC.

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