๐ŸŒณHidden Square

Hidden Square special dungeon are map areas to speed up character leveling. The special dungeon offers significantly more experiences (EXP) than other maps. Players are limited to 30 minutes daily within these areas. Players can purchase a Hidden Square Reset Pass to enter the special dungeon again. Player Killing (PK) is active in the special dungeon, allowing players to battle each other for resources.


Each dungeon entry is restricted by level requirements as below : Level 11 - 40 Level 11 - 60 Level 11 - 80 Level 11 - 99


  • Players will not lose experience upon death in special dungeons.

  • Hidden Square is a PK map.

  • Bring with you Token of Siegfried and Life Insurance.

  • Teleport items and Teleport skills are enabled.

  • Entry is used if player disconnects or logs out in the map.

  • Respawns at save point when player returns to the game.

First Room


This room is a safe (non-PK) zone and has a tool dealer and storage NPC.



Players can view the remaining time to access special dungeon in the chat window.


Press on "Cursed Child" to enter the dungeon. Curse Child Location: payon 160 126

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