Welcome, adventurers! If you're new to Ragnarok Landverse, managing your inventory can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you have multiple stacks of the same item taking up valuable space. That's where NPC Mergician comes in handy. This guide will help you understand how to use this NPC to combine your items and keep your inventory organized.

Who is Mergician?

Mergician is a NPC in Ragnarok Landverse that helps players merge stacks of identical items in their inventory into one. This is particularly useful when you have several stacks of the same item but in different quantities, which can clutter your inventory.


Imagine you have three stacks of White Potions in your inventory:

- Stack 1: 50 White Potions

- Stack 2: 50 White Potions

- Stack 3: 50 White Potions

Having these three separate stacks can make your inventory messy and harder to manage. By using NPC Mergician, you can combine them into a single stack.

  • 150 White Potions

How to Merge your item ?

Step 1 Locate Mergician: First, you need to find Mergician. This NPC is usually located in Minter Room (Top right corner of the room.)

Step 2 Select the Merge Option: A dialog box will appear with various options. Choose the option that says "Merrrge!!!!"

Step 3 Select Items to Merge: The game will then prompt you to select the items you want to merge. In our example, you would select both stacks of White Potions (the 50ea stack and the 50ea stack and the 50ea stack).

Confirm the Merge: After selecting the items, confirm that you want to merge them. The NPC will then combine the three stacks into one.

Step 4 Finish , Check Your Inventory: Once the merge is complete, open your inventory to verify. You should now see a single stack of White Potions with a total of 150ea (50ea + 50ea + 50ea).

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