How to bind Metamask Wallet to Ragnarok Landverse account

In order to manage the connection between game and blockchain, you will navigate to the page through the navigation menu of the Ragnarok Landverse website.

Login page

  • Login to the system with game account credentials.

  • Click on the [Login with Game ID] button.

Wallet Binding

  • Upon first-time login, the system will prompt the user to bind their wallet with their game account. To start the binding process, click on the [Connect Wallet] button.

  • Click on the [Send Request] button to request for a signature from the user's wallet.

  • To verify the wallet ownership, the user needs to sign on their wallet by clicking the [Sign] button pending in their wallet.

  • Before submitting the request, the user needs to verify Recaptcha.

  • After successful Recaptcha verification, click on the [Link Account] button to complete the binding process.

If the binding process is successful, the successful binding notification will appear. Click on [OK] to close the notification and complete the wallet binding process.

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