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Minting Systems

Welcome to Ragnarok Landverse ! This guide is here to help new players understand the Minting System, a special feature that allows you to trade in-game items on an external Marketplace website. Let's get started!

What is Minting?

In Ragnarok Landverse, "Minting" is the process of converting your in-game items into digital assets that can be traded on a dedicated Marketplace website. This system facilitates secure and organized trading among players.

Currency: ION and USDC

The in-game currency for the Marketplace is ION. Each ION coin is directly pegged to USDC (USD Coin) at a 1:1 ratio. ION can be used to buy items from the Marketplace or exchanged for Moonstones.

How to Mint an Item

Follow these steps to mint your items:

Step 1: Meet the Requirements

Before minting an item, ensure you have the following:

  1. Moonstones: You need 100 moonstones for each item you want to mint. Moonstones are available in the Cash Shop.

  2. VIP Membership: Only players with VIP Member status can access the Minting System.

Step 2: Find the Mint Helper NPC

Locate the NPC named Mint Helper in the game. This NPC will assist you with the minting process.

Step 3: Minting the Item

  1. Interact with Mint Helper: Talk to the Mint Helper NPC to initiate the minting process.

  2. Select 'Mint': When prompted, choose the option to 'Mint' your item.

  3. Confirm and Pay: Confirm the item you wish to mint and pay the fee of 100 moonstones.

Step 4: Upload to the Marketplace

Once you complete the minting process, your item will be uploaded to the Marketplace website. You can now list it for sale or trade it with other players.

Benefits of the Minting System

  • Security: Trade items securely without the risk of scams.

  • Accessibility: Browse and purchase items from other players with ease.

  • Community Engagement: Connect with the broader Ragnarok Online community through a centralized trading platform.

Using ION

  • Purchase Items: Use ION to buy items from the Marketplace.

A Simple 5-Step Guide to Mint Your Items

Step 1 Navigate to Prontera: Head over to the coordinates 139, 124 within the game world.

Step 2 Interact with the Cash Sales Guide NPC: Once youโ€™re in Prontera, find the NPC named Cash Sales Guide and choose the option to โ€œEnter Kafra Shop.

Step 3 Meet the Mint Helper: Inside the Kafra Shop, youโ€™ll find another NPC called Mint Helper. This is where youโ€™ll select which item youโ€™d like to mint.

(To mint each item, a fee of 100 Moonstones and VIP is required.)

Step 4 Mint Your Item: Choose your desired item and click the โ€œSellโ€ button. This will transfer the item to the online platform.

Step 5 Check Your Minted Items Online: Once the item is minted in-game, it will become available on the website. You can then opt to โ€œMint from Webโ€ to list it on the marketplace.

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