๐Ÿ‘‘VIP System

The VIP system in Ragnarok Landverse offers an optional premium service packed with an array of exclusive perks:

  • Boost Your Progress: Enjoy a 15% increase in both Experience and Job Experience Rates.

  • Enhanced Loot: Increase your Item Drop Rate by 15%.

  • Exclusive Discounts: Get 50% off on Kafra Teleport and Storage services.

  • Expanded Storage: Gain 300 additional slots in Kafra Storage.

  • Reduced Penalties: Experience only a 1% EXP loss upon death.

  • More Characters: Expand your roster from 3 to 8 with 5 additional character slots.

  • Extra Missions: Access the Mission Board one more time per day.

  • Seasonal Rewards: Enjoy added rewards for seasonal quests such as Halloween, Christmas Events

  • Party Sharing: VIP players can share items with other VIP players in the party.

  • Receive double zeny: From monster loot box.

  • Can claim VIP Daily Provileges

  • NFT Minting: Can convert items into NFTs with 100 moonstone.

VIP Daily Provileges

Players can receive daily benefits as VIP players. To claim these Daily Privileges, players need to use a ROverse Manual Book.

All itemโ€™s countdown starts after it is claimed. This items canโ€™t be trade or put in the storage

The items received include:

  • Automatic Player 6Hours

  • [Event] Unlimited Fly Wing 2Hours

  • [Event] Battle Manual and Bubble Gum 1Day

  • [Event] Small Mana Potion 1Day

  • Blessing Ore Convex Mirror 1Day

These privileges reset daily at 11:59 PM GMT+8 and can be claimed by any character on your ID, as long as they are on the same server.

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