๐Ÿ‘งSarah's Memory

Ragnarok Landverse Memorial Dungeon Sarah's Memory

Journey through backstory of Sara Irene This Memorial Dungeon provides food buffs from monsters with in the map.

Dungeon Conditions:

โ€“ Base Level 70 or higher required

- Max Party Member (5)

โ€“ Dungeon time limit: 1 hour (if exceeded, characters will be ejected to the save point)

Reset time

- Delay enter (Account Bound) : This cooldown resets everyday at 11:59 PM GMT+8.

Let's Explore

Quest Details

  1. Talk to Adventurer Leon in Alberta to start the quest.

Memorial Dungeon: Sarahโ€™s Memory /navi alberta 206/107

  1. Click on Dimensional Device and select "Boot up device".

  1. When instance is ready, click on Dimensional Device again and select option 2 to enter.

  1. Upon entering the instance, immediately engage with the NPC known as โ€œA girl.โ€ She will introduce herself as Sara Irene and reveal she is waiting for her father, Doyen Irene. As your conversation progresses, Doyen will appear. Continue your interactions with them until they finish their conversation and disappear.

  1. A new portal will appear in the west. Enter it to proceed to Area A. Here, engage in dialogue with Sara Irene and maintain this interaction until an opportunity to escape with Sara is presented. Following this, Doyen will summon guards to capture you.

  1. Throughout the instance, Payon Soldiers and Guard Dogs will start to emerge. From your current position, where you are speaking with Sara Irene, eliminate the Payon Soldiers and Guard Dogs as you make your way south and then east in Area A.

  1. After defeating all the Payon Soldiers and Guard Dogs in Area A, a system message will inform you: โ€œSara ran away again! You think she went in the 2 oโ€™clock direction!โ€ Follow this direction and enter the portal to advance to Area B

  1. In Area B, you will face a new wave of Payon Soldiers and Guard Dogs, slightly tougher than before. Continue south, fighting these enemies as you proceed.

  1. Starting from your spawning point, head west and defeat all the Payon Soldiers and Guard Dogs you encounter from Areas A and Areas B. Be cautious, as this area features a higher spawn rate.

  2. After clearing Area C of Payon Soldiers and Guard Dogs, a system message will express, โ€œSara ran away yet again! sigh You think she went in the 6 oโ€™clock direction!โ€ Take this hint and continue through the portal to Area D.

  1. Upon defeating all Payon Soldiers and Guard Dogs in Area B, a system message will announce: โ€œSara ran away yet again! You think she went in the 5 oโ€™clock direction!โ€ Follow this lead and move through the indicated portal to reach Area C.

  1. The next area will exclusively feature Payon Soldiers, but in larger numbers. Traverse through Area D and confront these soldiers.

  2. Once all the Payon Soldiers in Area D are defeated, a system message will notify: โ€œSara ran away yet again! You think she went in the 12 oโ€™clock direction!โ€ Act on this information and enter the portal to return to Area A.

  1. Move north to engage in dialogue with Sara Irene. In this encounter, Doyen will call upon Payon Soldiers. After defeating them, Doyen Irene himself will challenge you. Defeating him will lead him to reveal the true motive behind his attempts to capture you.

  1. After the conversation ends, follow Sara Irene. Exit Area A through a newly opened portal located southwest of Doyen Ireneโ€™s last known position. Then, proceed south and climb the staircase on the western cliff.

  1. Crossing the bridge, you will meet Sara Irene again. The ensuing conversation will reveal shadowy figures claiming Sara Irene and suggesting you return to where you belong. After this exchange, exit through the portal located on the opposite side of the bridge.

  1. Upon returning to the Dimensional Gap, find Adventurer Leon and share your adventures with him. He will offer more insight into Sara Ireneโ€™s backstory. This concludes the instance, after which youโ€™ll be eligible to re-enter following the daily reset at 11:59 PM (GMT+8).

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