๐Ÿ“ฆMonster Loot Box

Each Monster Loot Box will contain items specific to the monster it was obtained from, based on Ragnarok Online Classic.

  • When opening a Monster Loot box, it will consume 1 Stamina each time. Consuming monster loot box will guarantee to obtain random amount of zeny plus 1 random item.

  • Players will no longer receive Equipment directly from monsters. Instead, they will receive an Equipment Box, which can be opened to obtain random Equipment that can be found from monsters in the Field. There will be no chance of receiving items that can only be obtained from monsters in the Dungeon.

  • VIP will receive double zeny from monster loot box.

For example, defeating a Monster Poring will drop a Poring's Loot Box.

Opening a Poring's Loot Box has a chance to drop Zeny and the following items:

  • Apple (10%)

  • Apple (1.5%)

  • Fly Wing (5%)

  • Unripe Apple (0.2%)

  • Jellopy (70%)

  • Sticky Mucus (4%)

  • Equipment Box (5%)

New Zeny Calculation Formula:

With the introduction of Loot Box (where equipments can be sold at NPC shops for 10z), the Zeny calculation will be as follows:

  • Min Zeny = (Character Level + Monster Level * 8) / 4

  • Max Zeny = (Character Level + Monster Level * 16) / 2

  • Zeny Gained = Random(Min Zeny, Max Zeny)

What is an Equipment Box?

An Equipment Box contains all the Equipment that can be found from monsters in the Field Area. Equipment that can be found from monsters in the Dungeon will not be included in this Equipment Box. The player's character level affects the quality and variety of Equipment obtained from the Equipment Box.

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