How to redeem ADAM into your game account

  1. Proceed to the Midgard control section on the Ragnarok Landverse website. Once you are on the Midgard control page, navigate to the [Inventory] section to login and bind with your Metamask wallet, click on [Allow to Use ADAM].

After clicking on [Allow to Use ADAM], A Metamask popup notification will appear. If you are redeeming ADAM for the first time, click on [Use default] and click [Next] button to close the metamask notification.

  1. Click on [Approve] to proceed. (Gas fees applies)

  1. Upon successful approval, click on [OK] to close the notification.

  1. Input the desired amount of Adamantine token from your wallet to redeem into the game.

  2. Click on [Redeem to Game] button to initiate the transaction.

  1. Confirm the redemption request by clicking [Confirm].

  1. Click on [Confirm] on the Metamask notification to proceed with the transaction. (Additional Gas fees applies)

  1. Click [OK] to close the notification.

  1. Adamantine tokens will be stored in the [Account Mailbox]. Click on the Admantine Token to start transferring the tokens.

  1. Select the [Server] you want to send the tokens.

  2. Choose the [character] you want to send the tokens to.

  3. Click the [Send Item] button to send the tokens to the selected character.

  1. Upon successful transaction, a notification will appear. Click [OK] to close the notification.

Your tokens will arrive in the character's mailbox within several minutes. (Arrival time subjected to network congestion)

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