Hello ROverse Adventurers! Letโ€™s extend a warm welcome to our new visitor in Ruin-Midgard, โ€œGOLDSMITH,โ€ who excels in the art of gilding equipment. If youโ€™re looking to strengthen your gear, join us in discovering more about his unique skills!


You can find NPC GOLDSMITH at:

  • Izlude: Coordinates 137, 158

Required Items

  • Before you visit the Goldsmith NPC, make sure you have the required items for the upgrade. These items typically include:

    • Base Equipment: The item you wish to upgrade to gold.

    • Gold : 2 pieces.

    • Adamantine Blessing: 2 pieces.

    • Elunium: 5 pieces.

    • Oridecon: 5 pieces.

    • Polishing Agents: 5 pieces.

Polishing Agents

Polishing Agents are a crucial item needed for upgrading equipment to gold. They can be purchased from Goldsmith for 100,000 Zeny each.

How to Upgrade Equipment to Gold

  1. Locate the Goldsmith NPC:

    • Visit Izlude and find the Goldsmith NPC at coordinates 137, 158. This NPC will help you turn your equipment into gold.

  1. Upgrade Process:

    • Step 1: Talk to the Goldsmith NPC and select the option "Gild Equipment to gold color."

    • Step 2: A screen will display all the equipment you have that can be gilded, along with the item requirements for the process.

    • Step 3: Select the equipment you want to gild. Ensure you have all the required items in your inventory.

    • Step 4: Choose "Combination" to proceed with the gilding process.

    • Step 5: Pay the required Zeny fee.

    • Step 6: Confirm the upgrade. The NPC will then transform your equipment into its gold version.

Materials Required and Result

Special Services

This option allows you to bypass all required items and turn your items to gold color using 5 Silvervine Fruits and Polishing Agents as materials.

Silvervine Fruits

Silvervine Fruits can be used as an alternative material for the gilding process. They can be obtained from:

Gold color Items that can get from Goldsmith

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