๐Ÿ‘ปGhost Palace

Memorial Dungeon Ghost Palace

Ragnarok Landverse Memorial Dungeon Ghost Palace

Memorial Dungeon ghost palace

Prepare to enter the Ghost Palace, a haunting Memorial Dungeon in Ragnarok Landverse! Face spectral enemies and uncover a kingdomโ€™s tragic past. Gather the rare Gray Shards and claim legendary rewards.

Dungeon Conditions:

โ€“ Base Level 90 or higher required

- Must be in a party of at least one person.

Reset time

- Delay enter (Character bound) : This cooldown resets everyday at 0.00 GMT + 8 (SGT)

Let's Explore


1. Talk to Unpleasent Royal Guard /navi alberta 222/64 to start the quest

  1. Create at least one person party and, click on Interdimensional Device and select Enter.

  1. Speak to the King to begin. You will notice that the Lurid Royal Guard has been assigned as Princess Tiaraโ€™s bodyguard for her upcoming marriage to a prince.

Suddenly, monsters launch an attack on the palace. Eliminate all the monsters to activate the portal to the second stage (located at the north end of the room).

Monsters will have a chance to drop Gray Shards upon defeat.

  1. Speak to the Lurid Royal Guard at coordinates 132,122. Despite your efforts, monsters continue to attack the palace.

Despite your efforts, monsters continue to attack the palace.

Clear out these monsters to activate the portal to the third stage, located at (117, 137).

  1. You find yourself inside a prison. Speak to the King at (32, 54) to progress in the quest.

The Lurid Royal Guard is accused of orchestrating the monster attacks. Cursed Spirit Thanatos will provide him a means of escape.

Eliminate all the monsters in each jail chamber until you receive an announcement that the exit portal has appeared at (54, 28).

Quickly head to the portal in the southeast corner as a large mob of undead approaches. Thereโ€™s no need to kill them, but this stage is an excellent opportunity to farm Gray Shards, as it features the highest number of mobs.

  1. Eliminate the monsters. Once you have defeated enough, you will see the king and his soldiers collapse.

Speak to the Lurid Royal Guard, and you will discover that the Visiting Prince is the actual mastermind. He will transform into the Torturous Redeemer.

Defeat this final monster to open the portal located in the southwest corner.

  1. You find yourself back in the prison. Speak to Princess Tiara at (216, 43), and you will learn that she is dying.

Eliminate monsters in each jail chamber until another Torturous Redeemer appears. There is no need to engage it, as Sakray will take care of this foe.

Speak to Sakray at (196, 44), who has now transformed, having been granted new powers by the Thanatos Spirit.

  1. This marks the end of the instance. Before you leave, you can talk to the King at (205, 29) to trade Gray Shards for Thanatos weapons and Gray equipment. Each weapon requires 200 Gray Shards, and each piece of Gray equipment requires 100 Gray Shards. Refer to the section below for a list of available weapons and equipment.

An exit portal will appear in the southeast at (210, 28).


Base Experience: 900,000 (first-time) Job Experience: 500,000 (first-time) Item(s): 2 Gray Shard (first-time) 1 Gray Shard (repeat)

Thanatos Weapons Lists

Thanatos Weapons โ€“ Each piece of Weapons can be obtained by exchanging 200 Gray Shards. Each piece of Weapons has a base level requirement of 90.

Thanatos equipment Lists

Thanatos equipment โ€“ Each piece of equipment can be obtained by exchanging 100 Gray Shards. Each piece of equipment has a base level requirement of 90.

Card Trade

The Dimensional Traveler, located at /navi alberta 222/64, will offer the Lord Sakray Card in exchange for 10,000 Gray Shards. To make the exchange, talk to him, select the โ€œAnything special?โ€ option, and then choose the card.

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