How to purchase Presale Land NFTs

Purchase Land Ticket

In order to purchase the presale, you will need to visit the land presale page which will appear on the website during presale period.

  1. Click on [CONNECT WALLET] to start connecting your Metamask Wallet.

  2. Select the wallet you want to use for the transaction.

  3. Click the [Next] button to proceed to the next step.

  1. Click the [Connect] button to authenticate the process.

  1. Click the [Get Ticket] button to purchase a land ticket.

  1. Click the [Confirm] button to proceed. (Additional Gas fees applies)

  1. The purchased ticket will be available in your game account wallet and for usage in the Land Raffle draw.

Claim Land

To claim Land from the Land Raffle Draw, visit the claim land page.

  1. Click on the [Sign Wallet] button.

  2. A Metamask notification will appear. Click [Sign] to authenticate.

  1. Click on [Get Land NFT] to proceed with the Land Raffle Draw.

  1. A popup will appear and notify you on the Land you receive.

Note: Landowners can also list their Land NFTs at the marketplace.

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