๐Ÿ˜ปMalangdo Costume Exchange & Enchantment


Enchant your costumes in the latest update at Malangdo island (malangdo 115, 150). Exchange costumes โžก๏ธ Receive Enchantment Stones โžก๏ธ Enchant your Costume. This system not only enhances your power but also increases the value of your costumes. If youโ€™re ready, letโ€™s explore the details below!

Where to exchange Costumes and how?

  1. After obtaining a Mystery Malangdo Costume, you will need to use either the item Magnifier or the skill Item Appraisal to identify your costume.

List of Malangdo Costumes

How to Enchanting a Costume ?

Before starting the enhancement process for your costume, there are two key NPCs you must be aware of:

NPC Aver De Dosh (mal_in01 22, 113): The NPC responsible for performing the enchantment on your costume headgear.

NPC Lace La Zard (mal_in01 20, 107): Handles the enchantment process for the garment costume.

Step-by-Step Enchanting Process

  1. Talk to Aver De Dosh or Lace La Zard and select "Apply Enchant".

  1. Choose your Costumes from the list.

  1. Select the Enchantment Stone you want to use (e.g., "Attack Stone" for increased attack).

  1. Confirm the enchantment

  1. Enjoy your newly enchanted Costume Hat with improved stats!

To enhance your costume, you need to equip the costume you want to enhance and have Costume Enchantment Stones prepared in your inventory.

Then, talk to either Aver De Dosh or Lace La Zard based on the costume you intend to enhance.

โ€ป Important notes for enhancement:

  • You can also check whether your costume is enchantable or not with the NPC without having Costume Enchantment Stones.

  • The enhancement has a 50% chance of success/failure.

  • Costumes that fail in enhancement will remain safe, and only the Enchantment Stones and effects that have already been enchanted will disappear.

Where to get Enchantment Stones?

You can obtain Enchantment Stones by exchanging costumes with NPC Designer Heidam (mal_in01 20, 124). He will take a costume from your inventory, and in return, you will receive Enchant Stone Box.

โ€ป Please be cautious and ensure your valuable costumes are stored safely before exchanging them.

List of Enchantment Stones that you can get.

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