๐Ÿ’ŽAdamantine Exchange

Adamantine Exchange

This feature allows players to exchange Adamantine Fragments for Adamantine Tokens or Adamantine Blessings, or to convert Adamantine Tokens back into Adamantine Fragments.

Visit NPC Alexa

Locate and talk to NPC Alexa Universal Exchange in the game. She manages the Adamantine Exchange System.

Exchange Rates in the Shop:

  • Adamantine Token

    • Required: 4,000 Adamantine Fragments

    • Receive: 1 Adamantine Token

  • Adamantine Blessing

    • Required: 250 Adamantine Fragments

    • Receive: 1 Adamantine Blessing

  • Adamantine Fragment Box

    • Required: 1 Adamantine Token

    • Receive: 1 Adamantine Fragment Box (contains 4,000 Adamantine Fragments)

Obtaining Adamantine Fragment

  • Start by "Mining" in Ragnarok Landverse. There are ores scattered across all maps, but only Basic Ore appears in normal maps.

  • Other ores (Rare Ore, Legendary Ore, and Blessing Ore) appear only in special mining maps.

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