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Participate in Daily Quest to gear up your equipment progression!

Adamantine Blessing Quest aims to help players progress by attaining an Adamantine Blessing upon quest completion.

This specific quest cycle is limited to 5 daily and will reset at midnight 12am GMT +8. The adamantine reward per quest is 5, totaling 25 per day.

For VIP players will receive double adamantine rewards, earning 10 per quest, totaling 50 per day.

Adamantine Blessing is a restricted item Cannot be Traded Cannot be Vended Cannot be Sold Cannot be Stored Cannot be Mail Sent

Adamantine Blessing is used in Refinement System and Enchanting System. Specifically what it does for equipment check out the guide on the next 2 sections.

The Adamatine Blessing Quest is available at the top of Izlude Town.

Simply speak to Lyra (izlude 126,213) to start the quest.

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