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Beginner's Guide to Receiving Items from the Daily attendance System in Ragnarok Landverse

Welcome to Ragnarok Landverse! One of the great features in the game is the Daily Login system, which rewards you with various items just for logging in daily. This guide will help you understand how to use the Daily Login system and claim your rewards.

How the Daily Login System Works

  1. Daily Login Window: When you log into the game, a Daily Login window will automatically appear. This window shows the rewards you can receive each day.

  2. Daily Rewards Display: The window will display a calendar-like interface with rewards for each day.

  3. Claiming Rewards: Click on the reward for the corresponding day to claim it. The items will then be sent to your Mail Box.

Steps to Receive Your Daily Login Items

1. Log into the Game

  • Start the Game: Launch Ragnarok Landverse and log in with your account.

  • Daily Login Window: After logging in, the Daily Login window will appear automatically.

2. View the Daily Rewards

  • Calendar Interface: The Daily attendance window displays a calendar with rewards for each day. Hover over or click each day to see the details of the reward.

3. Claim the Reward

  • Click to Claim: Click on the reward for the current day. For instance, on Day 1, click on the box showing the [Event] Mental Potion.

  • Confirmation: A confirmation message will appear indicating that the item has been sent to your Mail Box.

4. Retrieve the Item from Mail Box

  • Open Mail Box: Access your Mail Box in the game. This can usually be found in the main menu or by talking to an NPC that handles mail.

  • Check Mail: Look for a new mail containing the item you claimed from the Daily Login window.

  • Receive Item: Open the mail and accept the attached item. It will be added to your inventory immediately.

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