๐Ÿ”„Pet Spirit Exchange

Pet Spirit Exchange

This feature allows players to exchange Pet's Spirit Fragments for Pet's Spirit Guarantee Scrolls.

Visit NPC Alexa

Locate and talk to NPC Alexa Universal Exchange in the game. She manages the Pet Spirit Exchange System.

Fragment Tiers

  • Uncommon Pet's Spirit Fragment (UC)

  • Rare Pet's Spirit Fragment (R)

  • Elite Pet's Spirit Fragment (E)

  • Legendary Pet's Spirit Fragment (L)

Pet's Guarantee Scroll Tiers

  • Uncommon Pet Spirit Guarantee Scroll

  • Rare Pet Spirit Guarantee Scroll

  • Elite Pet Spirit Guarantee Scroll

  • Legendary Pet Spirit Guarantee Scroll

Obtaining Pet's Spirit Fragments

Players will be awarded Pet's Spirit Fragments if the Pet Combination process fails, as detailed in the ROVerse Manual Book.

Exchange Process

  • Collect 25 Pet's Spirit Fragments of the same tier and 1,000 zeny to exchange for a Pet's Spirit Guarantee Scroll from Universal Exchange Alexa.

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