The token economy, tokenomic, describes the relationships between systems, currencies and tradable digital items. The visual above is a tokenomic illustration of how these relationships work. There are generally two layers in this token economy mapping, the blockchain layer and the game layer.

Game Layer

The relationships within the game layer focuses on gameplay systems and activities that aid the player's characters in their leveling and progression. The key systems are Stamina, Crafting, Item and Character Progression. Stamina - needed for ore mining and monster loot boxes. Moonstone - a cash point of Ragnarok Landverse. can be used for purchasing in-game rewards which allows players to acquire the resources they need to progress more quickly or access premium features such as minting ADAM. Crafting - requires ADAM, equipment, zeny and essential materials. Affects equipment grade up, refinement and enchanting. Item Progression - Equipment grade can be measured with gear score, This can be minted and sold on NFT marketplace. The minting of Item progression requires a VIP account and 100 units of Moonstone. Character Progression - When a character progress in level, he/she will be able to equip higher tier equipment and items.

Blockchain Layer

Manages how tokens (cryptocurrencies) interact with each other and there are smart contracts in place to determine how this layer would function. The tokens are ADAM, ION, BNB, USDC, Land NFTs and Equipment NFTs. ADAM - Is an end product from refining adamantine fragments, can be minted to crypto wallet. The minting of ADAM requires a VIP account and 100 units of Moonstone while adamantine fragments can be obtained by mining ore in the game. ION - Is a payment token for Maxion's platform e.g. NFT Marketplace. ION tokens are obtained through a minting process that involves exchanging USDC tokens on a 1:1 basis. BNB - Require for gas fees payment to the blockchain network. USDC - A stablecoin that is pegged to US dollar and managed by Circle. Land NFTs - Non-Fungible Tokens that are tied to Land contracts and can be own by players and traded on the NFT Marketplace. Equipment NFTs - Equipment and specific items in your inventory can be minted to the NFT Marketplace to be traded.

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