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Pets System

They say, "Pets are a human's best friends." If you are feeling lonely, these digital pets will be your companions. The best part they never go hungry and will provide your character with additional abilities.
Obtain a pet is by using a "New Pet Scroll.

New pet Scroll

These eggs contains three tiers of pets: Uncommon, Rare, or Epic.

Pet Groomer

Want to hatch your Pet egg? Head over to Pet groomer and purchase a Pet Incubator for 10,000 Zeny.
Pet Groomer can be found in most cities.
Simply type in the chat /navi prontera 218/211 (A yellow indicate will lead the way to the NPC)
  • /navi izlude 164/138
  • /navi prontera 218/211
  • /navi geffen 193/152
  • /navi payon 177/131

Pet Combination

Players can combine pets of the same tier for a chance at a higher-tier pet. For example, combine 4x Uncommon pets to have a chance of getting a Rare or higher-tier pet. The combination may get a pet of the same tier too.
Players can access the pet combination system through the in-game Manual book.
Combination System

Pet Combination Process

  1. 1.
    Open ROverse Manual Book.
  1. 2.
    Choose the pet tier you want to combine.
  1. 3.
    Choose 4 Pet Egg that you want to combine then press [make] to proceed.

Combination Fail

Players will be awarded pet fragments if the Pet Combination process fails. Collect 25 fragments to guarantee a better pet tier from Universal Exchange Alexa.

Chance of Pets Combination

Pet Tier
Combine To
Chance of Combination