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Mining System

The Mining System provides an avenue to generate income. By successfully extracting ore through this system, players can acquire Adamantine Fragments which can be refined into Adamantine (ADAM) Tokens in-game. ADAM is a utility token that can be exchanged for USDC on Maxion's platform, allowing players to earn.
Players can acquire Adamantine Fragments through mining on designated mining maps. The rate at which the Fragments are obtained will be determined by the rarity of ore, higher rarity more Adamatine Fragments to mine from.

Before Mining

Mining map is a PK Map
Each mining attempt consumes 1 point of stamina
Players must equip a pickaxe at the Mining Shop before they can begin mining.

Mining shop Location

Payon field10 115 376 Hugel field06 207 369
Mining Pickaxe can be purchased at the Mining Shop.

What Adamantine Fragment can do?

Adamantine Fragments can be processed into Adamantine Tokens for minting as a utility token.
Conversion rate: 4000 Adamantine Fragment = 1 Adamantine
Adamantine Fragments can be refined into Adamantine Blessings for use in the game systems.
Conversion rate : 250 Adamantine Fragment : 1 Adamantine Blessing

Ore rate & Reward

Basic Ore: 4 Adamantine Fragment per dig
Rare Ore: 10 Adamantine Fragment per dig
Legendary Ore: 24 Adamantine Fragment per dig
Mining process can be disrupted when a player is attack or killed. No stamina is consumed in the process.