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Levels and Game Content

Players are expected to progress by leveling their characters. In order to make the leveling process meaningful, players will need to battle against monsters that are stronger than themselves.

Current Server Information

  • Max Base Level: 99
  • Max Job Class Level: 50
  • Max Aspd: 190
  • Max Status: 99
  • Party Size: 12
  • Party Share Limit: 15 Base Level
  • Hybrid PK Server
Which episode do we start with? ROverse will start from Episode 10.4 - The Haven of Forgotten, Hugel, as a renewal version.
New experience table. A new experience (exp) table has been introduced to increase competitiveness in-game;
The difference between players and monsters. If a player's level surpasses that of a monster, a penalty will be applied to their experience and monster drop rates if their level is above 15. This penalty can range from a 50% to 100% reduction in drop rates and experience.
Monsters no longer drop the same variety of items. The variety of items dropped by monsters has been reduced. Monsters will now only drop loot boxes and cards, enabling players to choose opponents that match their preferences without having to worry about obtaining specific items.
Monsters difficulty. The spawning of monsters in the original manner by specific episodes is retained, but with an increased level of difficulty. Monsters in Ragnarok Landverse become stronger after reaching level 30 and continue to become more challenging every ten levels, adding to the excitement and difficulty of the game.
Trading and Vending.
Monster card and equipment cannot be trade between players. In order to progress, players must put time and effort into honing their individual characters.
EXP / DROP Rate Penalty
Note : MVP reward items and their regular drops are unaffected.
Difference In Base level
EXP / Drop Rate From Monster
+16 or more
EXP / Drop rate (100%)
+11 ~ 15
EXP / Drop rate (100%)
+1 ~ 10
EXP / Drop rate (100%)
Equal level
EXP / Drop rate (100%)
-1 ~ 10
EXP / Drop rate (100%)
-11 ~ 15
EXP / Drop rate (-50%)
-16 or more
EXP / Drop rate (-100%)