Archers can increase their focus and concentration, usually wielding a bow and arrow, to hunt monsters. Though they prefer sniping monsters from far away, their understanding of the natural forces make them great companions at close quarters during the heat of battle. Growing up surrounded by the luscious trees in Payon, they seek to further enhance their knowledge of the natural forces.

Archers excel in using a bow and elemental arrows that deal even more damage to monsters based on the arrow's element and monster's element.

Job Changing

Once you are Job Level 10, go to the Archer Guild in (payon_in02 64/71). Talk to the Archer Guildsman who changes your job to Archer and rewards you.

To navigate, players can enter /navi payon_in02 64/71 in the chat to be guided to the location.

Class Data


Quest Skills

Job Bonuses

The table above shows the various bonus stats gained by a character at different levels. Each row represents a different level, and the columns show the specific bonus stat gained at that level. The bonus stats include Dex (Dexterity), Str (Strength), Int (Intelligence), Luk (Luck), Agi (Agility), and Vit (Vitality). For example, at Level 2, the character gains 1 point in Dex. At Level 6, the character gains 1 point in Str.


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