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Getting Started

New to Ragnarok Landverse? Don't go anywhere! Start here.
Here are the general steps that you need to take to start your gaming journey with Ragnarok Landverse:
Players progress by leveling through slaying monsters and fulfilling quests from Non-playing Characters (NPCs), in-game. Start a party with friends to speed up your leveling efforts and unlock new abilities with job class change. As you increase in level, more map areas and content become accessible. Did we mentioned about the rewards and monster drops? It only gets better at higher levels!
When players progress in-game they will uncover resources and items that can be traded on the marketplace.
The Ragnarok Landverse Manual Book is a guide designed to familiarize players with the various systems within the game, helping them to understand how the system works. The guide includes information on different options and game systems. All players will receive a manual book via the Training Ground.

NPC Training Ground

All players will receive a ROverse manual book via the Training Ground.

ROverse Manual Book

ROverse Manual Book Menu

The manual book will continue to be updated with additional features.