๐ŸคบAutomated Battle System

When the automated battle system is in Automatic System Mode the character moves randomly and engage in battle with the closest monster(s) while picking up items and store them in the inventory. There is an option to switch to Stay Alert Mode, which can only be activated after enabling the Automatic System Mode. This mode keeps the character in the same location and does not move randomly and aggro monsters in area.

For Magician users using the automatic system, please turn off auto attack and have your skills set in your hotkey bar to enable your character to cast skills.


  • Automatic Sitting ( Auto sit/stand HP threshold )

  • Stay Alert ( Keeps the character in the same location and aggro monsters in area )

  • Automatic Teleport ( Autouse Wing of fly or Teleport Skill ) Need to put Wing of fly or Teleport Skill into the latest slot in the first hotkey bar (F9).

  • Autouse item ( Autouse EXP Manual, Job EXP Manual and more item )

  • Normal Attack ( Turn - On/Off Normal attack )

  • Potion Settings ( Autorefill HP/SP with Potion) Start by choosing your HP and SP Potions. Next, set the desired refill percentages for both HP and SP. Once you're done with these settings, the selected HP and SP Potions will be displayed in the window.

  • Return to save point ( Auto return to save point when dead or not )

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