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Nowadays, the gaming industry has grown from a national level to a global level. The competition is widely held in many countries. There are many professional gamers today who can use games as a way of earning and creating careers for many people. Even though playing games can create careers for people, not everyone can make money playing games. Because the game is not designed to make money. It is designed for entertainment. As a result, some people still think that gaming is useless and can make young people less interested in education.
The emergence of Blockchain technology today gave rise to the concept of Decentralized Finance, which gave birth to many different ideas, and Gamefi was one of them that emerged from it. GameFi is a combination of Game and decentralized finance. The advent of Gamefi has resulted in a more tangible monetization of the game. Because Gamefi's concept is Play-to-earn, it's definitely different from traditional games. because in addition to being able to make gamers feel fun they, can also make money at the same time and this can create a career for many gamers. Still, the existing Gamefi is still in its early stages. In terms of fun, it can't even compare to old-fashioned games developed by professional game developers
However, There is one major problem with old-fashioned games: every game has its own Lifecycle. Because all the money investment and the time investment that gamers spent will end with the lifecycle of the game where players cannot take money or items in the game out or exchange it for real money. If we can connect different games together These issues will be addressed and may have a positive impact on each game. But the game itself has to have an important element to keep in mind: 'fun' that players should have. And there must be a good platform that can support both the game and the players and developers for the growth of the system and ecosystem in the long term as well.
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