Shrine System

In every map, whether it's a Field or a Dungeon, there are special locations called Shrines. These Shrines offer unique abilities and buffs that players can receive. Upon touching a Shrine, a countdown of 3 seconds will initiate, and different messages will appear on the character's head in each Shrine.
However, once you receive a buff from any Shrine, you won't be able to obtain buffs from any other Shrine for a period of 5 minutes. After successfully activating the Shrine, a special buff will temporarily enhance the character, known as the "Super Buff" Each Shrine provides different durations and abilities for this Super Buff.
When you change maps, all buffs will immediately disappear.
Name of Shrines
Super Buff
Might of the Ancients
Increases the player's physical attack power by 100%
60 Sec
Arcane Brilliance
Increases the player's magical attack power by 100%
60 Sec
Fortress Shield
Auto Guard 30% : Level 10
60 Sec
Swiftness of the Wind
MSPD Boost 75%
60 Sec
Ethereal Presence
Flee + 100 / P.Dodge + 50
60 Sec
Blessing of Healing
HP & SP Regen 777 every 1 second
60 Sec
Deadly Precision
Critical Rate + 100, Critical Damage + 50%
60 Sec
Stellar Empowerment
Skills cost no SP, after cast delay reduced by 50%
60 Sec
Celestial Insight
MDEF + 100
60 Sec
Veil of Shadows
Use skill Cloaking Exceed Lv.5
60 Sec
Divine Blessing
HARD DEF + 300
60 Sec
Random two of above super buff